☣: A pet peeve about roleplaying

ooc: Ahh— I have a few, but that is only really connected to the community in particular and maybe not directly involved with the act of roleplaying entirely. I guess— people are way too serious. You might misunderstand me, but when people log on here to relax and often escape from what life throws at them, it is very difficult to unwind when there are so many rules put in place. When I mean too serious, I don’t mean people should slack with their characterization or lose all their dedication for a particular character, but really to be more open-minded. To be acceptive of writing styles, interpretations, icons, themes and the personal goals that a person will put in place for themselves. 

I always used to tell myself if you are too busy criticizing everyone else, you - yourself - will never develop. Give constructive criticism when it is prompted, but please do not write out passive aggressive rants and have it spread throughout the community in order to force your opinion of something down someone’s throat when they did not want to receive it in the first place. 

No one was born a perfect writer. No one was born a perfect artist. No one was born a perfect person. There is no such thing as perfect, so stfu and eat a snickers.

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[meme] ☠: Something you dislike about your fandom

☠: Something you dislike about your fandom

ooc: Ahahaha— I’m not sure if this should be obvious or not but I guess it can apply to all fandoms I am involved with. I despise shipping arguments. I despise people falling out because of “ships” and I just have to retreat into my corner of the fandom and beat my head against a warhammer because I really cannot stand it. I think within the FFVII fandom especially, I find it really difficult to talk to people about shipping even when I do not consider myself a “big shipper” (in fact, I only have one ship rofl), but I DO have my dreams. It’s just really childish that people talk shit about those who DO ship and talk shit about those who DON’T and I’m just akjhksablk ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬ sings in the end by linkin park.

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☮: Something you’re confident about with your writing

ooc: ff— I wouldn’t say I was confident because I always see this as an active learning process and I still make mistakes but like— I’m pretty fond with how I describe a scene? Like— I love describing settings and being in charge of like moulding the scene so it aids in the general visualization of the thread and when I’m bouncing ideas off the partner this CHILD IS BORN ✷ɷ✷ I’m sure by now that a lot of people are aware of my use of metaphor because well— Genesis IS a “romantic" guy and I like to look at things through his eyes and wonder what he really makes of it. There is also that destructive side of him which allows me to draw darker scenes which are just as enjoyable. I guess I am proud of that and the opportunity to do so with a character like this.

❢: Your favourite icon of your muse’s FC


      im a very kind man but— did u jus touch my ramen??? without ASKING???

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✉: Someone you’re afraid to approach/unsure of approaching

✉: Someone you’re afraid to approach/unsure of approaching

ooc: Haha— NO ONE ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ… I like to consider myself pretty open in this community and if there is someone there I want to thread with I will let them know. Of course, there are a lot of people I’d like to approach and get to know but sometimes these things slip my mind and work always has me a slave for the majority of the day. I don’t think I’d be able to name anyone because of this. I’m not afraid of people, but over the years on this site I am aware of individuals who are afraid of me— and that actually makes me really sad.

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☄: A doubt you have about your writing

ooc: I try not to have any doubts about my writing, but that would be a lie. I think all of us are our own worst critic, but sometimes I feel it is good to always notice what is wrong so you can sort it as you write more and more. One of my big worries about writing this character in particular is getting across the idea that this man is not right and he suffers from a thing called maladaptive daydreaming wherein he daydreams excessively and I want to reflect that in my writing. He is not ordinary and he does not have an ordinary way of thinking. I don’t think it is a doubt per se, but moreso of a challenge.

Another thing I could probably say is WORDS. Like— I am British, I live in Scotland, and I know the majority of the roleplay community are from the US so there is some words in my vocabulary which mean something entirely different across the sea e_e; Sometimes I have this worry that folk might think I am wrong when I am right in my own country.

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Ask the Mun


✔: A plot you would love to play out with your character
★: A blog you’d love to roleplay with
✖: A plot you would never do/can’t do with your character
♔: A character (in general) that you’d like to interact with
☀: Another Mun that you really admire/respect
☣: A pet peeve about roleplaying
☠: Something you dislike about your fandom
➸: Something you like about your fandom
✉: Someone you’re afraid to approach/unsure of approaching
☄: A doubt you have about your writing
☮: Something you’re confident about with your writing
✿: Three of your favourite followers
❂: Three of your favourite blogs that you follow
❢: Your favourite icon of your muse’s FC
♘: Your favourite icon of your Mun FC
☎: A picture of yourself
♫: An argument that you’re sick of hearing
♈: An argument/topic that you could debate all day
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『 °˖✧ HALLELUJAH ✧˖° 』


              "Eh? Loofah Kisame? What’s that, what’s that? Sounds yummy!”

     ”I said YUFFIE KISARAGI— not Loofah. She is a person, a living it, and
     incredibly annoying. The back of your head had me convinced.”

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     You remind me of someone— Yuffie Kisaragi? 
      Is this another one of your disguises? A lanky school-girl? Please—


     ”My bounding bark, I fly to thee— I’m wearied of the shore; I long to hail the
     swelling sea, and wander free once more—
hah, the old songs never fail to

"A roleplayer is never late; they reply precisely when they need to."

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Seriously guys.I will NEVER give you shit for taking time on a reply. Dont hand me your work with an apology. Be excited with me to continue our story! You are sharing a part of your mind with me and frankly- I will just be happy that you are writing with me!

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ooc: My responses are still going to be few and far between.. maybe. I’m still struggling with my mega-writer’s-block, and I’ve been considering trying to escape onto another muse just to give this one a little break (?). He’s always been my main, but I’ve been neglecting others like Shogo, Aikuro and most recently reminded of my Lockon. Aah— I may attempt writing today 8’I Bare with me guys.

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                                             Eternal life, 
                                                      (they say it is)
                                                                  the ultimate gift; 

                                                   but to live
                                                           forever, is to

                                                                  D I E

                                                       ten thousand times.

                                           The longer you live,
                                                          the more you will lose,
                                     you will have to watch everyone
                                                                     you have ever loved, 
                                                                                         D I E.

                                           {          There is
                                                                    N O T H I N G

                                                    in this world to fill an
                                                               eternity.                     }



   ”You make it sound as if being human is something to be ashamed of, Gen, but it’s not. Feeling sad about being remembered of things that lie in the past now isn’t a bad thing, you know. It’s not embarrassing, in my opinion—but I’m not exactly surprised to hear you talk like that about this. I figured you’d rather not be seen as, well…weak, I suppose, because that’s what being human means to most people. I used to think like that, too, but I guess I changed a lot…what a depressing subject. How did we go from talking about Halloween to this? Our conversations never cease to baffle me and I wonder whether that’s good or bad.”

     ”Ah— human? I am not human anymore.”
           I think.
           Do I want to?

None knew why he would smile. Not whilst the pain was there, stirring in eye, as if the ocean had sunk beneath them, contradicting the curves that would have ivory gleaming frightfully against the tones he cast. It is within this moment, this one that had been previously joyous with thoughts of festivity, that he wonders if Ryou had ever laid eyes upon the very thing that separated him from any normal depiction of what humanity was meant to look like. Beneath scapula and layers of decay did something stir. Feathered and black; pulsing with ordnances of treason that were multi-hued with sere and sanguine, but was far too afraid to reveal itself in these spaces of tranquillity. Aye— mayhap he inwardly feared the consequences. The unfettered guardian sporting characteristics that would rather have him flee before he would blight the world with fire. 

For a brief moment he is sickened by his own hesitancy.
    Sickened by his own disconnection. 

   ”I am not sad, boy.” I am angry, I am hateful— I miss them. I’m sorry. "Why would I be sad about such a thing? Come— I am sure there is many sweets out there that you are dying to have me try, yes?”

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