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『 °˖✧ HALLELUJAH ✧˖° 』


              "Eh? Loofah Kisame? What’s that, what’s that? Sounds yummy!”

     ”I said YUFFIE KISARAGI— not Loofah. She is a person, a living it, and
     incredibly annoying. The back of your head had me convinced.”

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     You remind me of someone— Yuffie Kisaragi? 
      Is this another one of your disguises? A lanky school-girl? Please—


     ”My bounding bark, I fly to thee— I’m wearied of the shore; I long to hail the
     swelling sea, and wander free once more—
hah, the old songs never fail to

"A roleplayer is never late; they reply precisely when they need to."

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Seriously guys.I will NEVER give you shit for taking time on a reply. Dont hand me your work with an apology. Be excited with me to continue our story! You are sharing a part of your mind with me and frankly- I will just be happy that you are writing with me!

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ooc: My responses are still going to be few and far between.. maybe. I’m still struggling with my mega-writer’s-block, and I’ve been considering trying to escape onto another muse just to give this one a little break (?). He’s always been my main, but I’ve been neglecting others like Shogo, Aikuro and most recently reminded of my Lockon. Aah— I may attempt writing today 8’I Bare with me guys.

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                                             Eternal life, 
                                                      (they say it is)
                                                                  the ultimate gift; 

                                                   but to live
                                                           forever, is to

                                                                  D I E

                                                       ten thousand times.

                                           The longer you live,
                                                          the more you will lose,
                                     you will have to watch everyone
                                                                     you have ever loved, 
                                                                                         D I E.

                                           {          There is
                                                                    N O T H I N G

                                                    in this world to fill an
                                                               eternity.                     }



   ”You make it sound as if being human is something to be ashamed of, Gen, but it’s not. Feeling sad about being remembered of things that lie in the past now isn’t a bad thing, you know. It’s not embarrassing, in my opinion—but I’m not exactly surprised to hear you talk like that about this. I figured you’d rather not be seen as, well…weak, I suppose, because that’s what being human means to most people. I used to think like that, too, but I guess I changed a lot…what a depressing subject. How did we go from talking about Halloween to this? Our conversations never cease to baffle me and I wonder whether that’s good or bad.”

     ”Ah— human? I am not human anymore.”
           I think.
           Do I want to?

None knew why he would smile. Not whilst the pain was there, stirring in eye, as if the ocean had sunk beneath them, contradicting the curves that would have ivory gleaming frightfully against the tones he cast. It is within this moment, this one that had been previously joyous with thoughts of festivity, that he wonders if Ryou had ever laid eyes upon the very thing that separated him from any normal depiction of what humanity was meant to look like. Beneath scapula and layers of decay did something stir. Feathered and black; pulsing with ordnances of treason that were multi-hued with sere and sanguine, but was far too afraid to reveal itself in these spaces of tranquillity. Aye— mayhap he inwardly feared the consequences. The unfettered guardian sporting characteristics that would rather have him flee before he would blight the world with fire. 

For a brief moment he is sickened by his own hesitancy.
    Sickened by his own disconnection. 

   ”I am not sad, boy.” I am angry, I am hateful— I miss them. I’m sorry. "Why would I be sad about such a thing? Come— I am sure there is many sweets out there that you are dying to have me try, yes?”

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The Hyron Project - Michael McCann, Deus Ex: Human Revolution

dad-san when will u teach me to read i have yet to become a REAL final fantasy


     ”My dear boy, when it comes to final fantasy—
we won’t be the ones reading the millions upon millions of blue
         text boxes.”

I just wanted to tell you that you write so beautifully. Every word paints a picture and I read your RPs simply to swoon over how skilled you are. Please continue.

ooc: Ahh, goodness, thank you ;; This is so nice to hear since I’ve been battling a really bothersome writer’s block as of late and I feel my writing has not been that great. Of course I will still continue! I just need to find my place again and find some time/energy which my job likes to eat up instead. Ah, thank you.

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           … no. not at all.

        —— she misses the lull of red. maybe it’s a little
   peculiar to,  like fireworks across twilight. or the way
   his boots click against a marble floor. it’s little things
   like these she misses about people,  &  their move-
   ments &  the way they fit in the symbiosis of life itself.
   both salvaged  &  given importance ; both fuel to a
   song of life  &  death   &  discreet, divine governance.

          ' i missed you. ' 

          on a rather detached,  &  more or less platonic 
   verse,  it was a line sung with fractional kindness ;
   really,  though,  it  seemed more like a poke of fun
   at their alrady skewed crossroad.

I missed you. 

    He cares not for its strength, nor does his sensibility linger against the buried sounds
    of her humour, whose clandestine nature would not go unnoticed by a balladist who
    lived to know the wise pronouncements of all things. Aye— his fingerbones had known
    the coldest caress, his ribs marauded by the howling zephyrs of branded fields, and
    his ears a friend to the huge absence that split a storm from a spellbinding calm.
    So her kinder gestures, the divine communications that healer wrought, were carefully
    studied and given with a softening line of umber brow, for no perplexity has come to
    clutter his mind today— only contentment. 

   ”What strange words you wield for me, Aeris. There are those beyond the reach
    that have your heart and yet you waste your time speaking to an
old man.”
    A sinner.
"— You must be utterly bored."

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friendly reminder that I admire you and you are fantabulous B'I

t-this doesn’t change anything between us.